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The Adventures of Spike [entries|friends|calendar]

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[21 Aug 2006|11:15am]
Doing a sit in
all by her onesies told her
she'd get arrested

(see sarahs profile for linki cuz it hates me)

And here are more!

Love, Spike
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Grr, Spike, Grr [19 Aug 2006|04:56pm]

I have commandeered Spike's LJ temporarily....he had a 'friend' over the other night (martymelissa, hermaphrodite) and they filled up my digi camera memory card with a bunch of dirty pictures. And then he made fun of my dress. 
My dress is my baby.
Im wearing it to school and prom and my wedding and giving birth to my child in it and getting buried in it and then they are going to dig it up and put it in a museum.
After I finish it, of course.
But anyway, I am currently not speaking to spike, and he cant type without me.
No fingers.
Haha, spike. Haha.

Anyway, untill he apologizes, there will be a little bit of inactivity....I am so scared about school, so he is forced to be a paper weight to help me organize untill he decides to be nice. Once he does, Ill let him update again.

I miss my friendsies.



My Camping Story [15 Aug 2006|12:10pm]
Me: I dont wanna go
M: Come on.
Me: Its camping. In the dirt.
M:Give it a chance? Look, I got you a travel case!
Me: No.
M: Why?
Me: It looks like a casket.
M: Its got red velvet. Please try? I promiisssseeee it'll be fun.
Me: fun here meaning miserable and nightmarish.
M: -sigh- There will be boys.
M: Rock Boys.
M: Well?
Me: ...If you insist. But do I still have to ride in a casket?
M: yes.

Day 1, Part 1.
The couple that owns our campsite? Yep. Both guys. Could learn to handle camping. Lotsa rocks. Casket case wasn't as bad as I'd thought. (pictures soon)It protected me from the tsunami of dogdrool in the car. And we're in a popup.
popup= less dirt
Havn't "met" anyone yet. Gravel is too conservative for me.

Day 1,Part 2.
Have discovered that one of the campground owners likes to walk around the grounds in the middle of the night playing peaceful tunes on his Indian flute. And gives M's mom with doctor remedies for her acid reflux. Litterally involving prune juice. Am not exxaggerating at all.

Day 2, Part 1.
Cold, Wet.

Day 2,Part 2.
Cold, Wetter.

Day 2, Part 3.
Deathly cold, ate alot...possible love intrest back home, discoverd by M on the fone with friend. Supposedly cultured AND igneous.

Day 2, Part 4.
HOORAY! M bought Vanity Fair Style Issue at Kmart! May have finnally made some progress with her!

Day 2, Part 5.
Scratch Progress....Babbles about "brilliant photography that captures the travesties and shining moments of transience... yaddayaddayadda" Still no mention of FASHION. Beauty is wasted on her.

Day 3, Part 1.
Only one entry today: Climbed about 800 waterfalls, M became a daredevil and decided she was queen of the world, while I was in her pocket. Terrifying experiance. Inside of waterfall. On top of waterfall. Sliding down waterfall. HIKED 10 MILES.
Oh yeah, M's dog fell in the water.
Then got attacked by a horse.
Had to save her, of course.
M reading brainy rubbish...The Fountainhead, BY Ayn Rand?

Day 4, Part 1.
Came home and stopped at Mary Jo's on the way. M bought a pattern and fabric for a dress. Needless to say I almost cried. Am coming home and taking a bath in lysol and never going outside ever again.

M loves camping, btw.
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[09 Aug 2006|01:24pm]
So M's computer is now a vegtable.
She wants to go do some stupid outdoorsy activity in leiu of technological entertainment...So glad I'm not amish. Slept pretty well last night....OMG!
I have found a new favorite show.
Flava of Love.
If Flav was a rock....and gay....omg.
Off to watch re-runs.
(M says I'm tasteless and crude. I told her Im a guy. She said "Barely".)
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Quick Note for Communities [08 Aug 2006|07:50pm]
M has decided to go on a community-joining rampage and use MY account for all her foolishness. Communities...Spiketherock has nothing to do with you. Its all M.
M adores you with a flaming passion.
Spike would rather try on shoes.
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GRRRR [08 Aug 2006|04:28pm]
Just so everyone knows, I am no longer speaking to M.
That child is going to be the end of me. Turning into a durn hippie, she is. M was watching CNN and reading Time and all of these other educational things that are taking up time she should be spending consulting me about her wretched sense of style...and now she's decided to become an ACTIVIST.
I agree with her IDEAS, but then she was telling me that ACTIVISM involves sitting in the dirt.
Even I think that's gross, and I'm a rock.

She tried to talk her mom into letting her go to DC and doing a sit-in, all by her onesies. Told her she'd get arrested.
Oh well.
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Another Day [08 Aug 2006|12:25pm]
Slept in this morning, thanks to the blessed silence of the Sharpener of Doom (SoD). Of course, one of M's strange little friends had to call and wake her up about some charity junk they are doing today, so my beauty sleep was ruthlessly cut short. Apparently, though, they are going to be in the newspaper, so I am trying to convince M to turn me into a necklace pro tempore so I can get my well deserved fifteen minutes of fame. Look out for a picture of me in the Observer, peoples.
In all honesty, I'm not nearly awake yet. But...I have enough energy to breech a new topic of the day...
Of course, I have nothing to do with such a traveshmockery of education, but since M has been taken captive by it's reaching clutches, I have decided to offer you a bit of an artistic dabbling in that area.
(I am an ameture poet...I know. I never cease to amaze you)

M goes to school
She thinks its cool
Not cool like groovy
She'd prefer a movie
She means cool like cold
Wearing hoodies can get old

Contact Shakespeare, everyone. Spike the rock has officially run him off the stage. I belive I am going to take a bubble bath soon. I don't pamper myself enough, really. Also, I am taking suggestions for a "Daily Section".
Daily Quote (by me, of course)?
Daily Horoscope?
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[07 Aug 2006|01:57pm]
Responses to the questions of my precious fans.

- How old are you?

Honestly, I'm not sure. Quite old...as an igneous rock, I've been around the bend a few times. Though I do have crystalized areas, so I like to consider myself in my early 20s, as far as rocks are concerned.

- When can I see pictures of you and your new pad?

See below.

- How did you come to find that you were attracted to other boy rocks?

As long as I can remember, really. I've just never seen anything attractive about female rocks...It really doesnt seem like there is a point for them, honestly. Female rocks usually have a sorta...sedimentary...quaility about them. Very sandy and transient. Not in the least attractive. I like my rocks masculine.

- Where are you from?

All over. I like to think I originated in Hawii, but that might be a pipedream.

- Would you define yourself as a Hard Rock, a Soft Rock, a Classic Rock, or a Modern Rock?

Modern Rock.
Or Soft. Though I have my Hard edges....;-D

- Does the phrase "tall, dark, and handsome" have any meaning in the rock community?

Definately. It means me.

- What was your family like when you were growing up?

Rocks aren't very family oriented, auctually. I guess I have sorta been a wanderer all my life. I grew up around a lot of metamorphic rocks, though, and was raised by a diamond. She was a sweetheart, but not very polished. It was nice to find a more civilized life with M.

- Have you considered telling M about the wonders of plastic, hand-operated pencil sharpeners?

Have tried. She's lazy. And kept saying the Electric Sharpener of Doom was shiny, though I see nothing reflective about it.

- Have you considered telling M that she's an absolute lunatic?

Again, have considered it, but she does treat me well, so I avoid complicating the situation.

- Are you a religious rock?

On and Off...I'll do a full post about it sometime.

As mentioned previously, M wants another canine companion....Here she is:


Everyone say aweeeee.
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Pictures! [07 Aug 2006|12:51pm]

Possible Video to come someday, but for now, you'll have to enjoy these. Keep a lookout for answers to your questions in my next update!
  My Home....I'm in there...See me?
 Gotta love the pressed flowers. So classy.
 Plain and simple little me. You can't see my best coloring here though...I'm sorta a rugged dark red....hott, I know.
 Me, and The Rock Garden. See how hard I try to befriend them?
 Zen, En, and Ben
 I conquer the Sharpener of Doom.
 I'm a world traveler....


 Me and Molly

So, theres me, beautiful me! Answers and more posting to come soon!
Love, Spike

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Fan Questions [06 Aug 2006|03:08pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Thanks to the considerate reply of a fan  friend,
I have decided to hold a breif question / answer session for any of those who may want a closer look into the life of a not-so-straight-rock. Ask away, Mi Amigas!

Also in response to the same kind soul, M has begun construction on a full fledged housing project for myself and any others that should chose to join our happy family. As said before, pictures are not long in coming.

Two more candles were added to the Desk today (My main hangout), as well as the Electric Pencil Sharpener of Doom. I have no IDEA how I will sleep with such a racket every night.  I have another bug to pick with M...she has fallen in love with a song by Hinder, called "From the Lips of an Angel", and refuses to change the station from this horrendous cacaphony she calls "rock". 
I am personally very insulted.
I'm a rock, and I sound far better than that when I sing. I tried to convince her to rid her ear drums of this so-called "rock", and listen to some of my Cher cds, but no luck thus far. I'll keep you posted.
Also met a dog named Mimi today, apparently M is set on adopting her as a 16th birthday present.
Since it will obviously never happen, and she will tire of the idea soon anyway, I am considering changing my name to Mimi. It's classy, dont you think?

Got a new pearl necklace today, as well. They're manly pearls, though, no worries.
Love as always, 

(Also, the song on my  "now playing" status has a very litteral meaning to me...I once had a fling with a space rock....Oh, can they ever dance.....I suppose it comes from the anti-gravity. It didn't end well, though, incase you're wondering. He got himself involved in the Roswell scandal, and I simply couldn't be party to such dishonesty.)

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Why Yes, I am. [05 Aug 2006|11:29am]
You may have gleaned this from my previous entry, but yes, I am a gay rock. Sorry to dissapoint you, ladies, but it's simply a fact of life.
It certainly doesn't make being an every-day rock any easier...you don't see many petrocks that are auctually homosexual. Thankfully, M (My owner) is very, very supportive of my sexuality.
Guess I can't say the same for my neighbors, The Rock Garden.
(Zen, En, and Ben)
(Ben's the runt, so he got the least Buddhist name)
Anyway, they aren't incrediably supportive of me. They're auctually downright mean.
Oh well.
I'm off to help M chose shoes to go with her dress. She is entirely hopeless in the world of fashion.
Poor Child.


PS: I like long sits on the beach and igneous rocks.
Pictures to come soon.

Note from M: Yes, I have no life. No comment, please.
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Ciao! [04 Aug 2006|09:43pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

My name is Spike...
It's past my bedtime though, and I shall tell you more later, but for now I will leave you with:

My name, as I said, is Spike.
I'm a rock.
A Pet rock, more precisely.
I live in a fishbowl.
With pretty pink gravel and a candle.
Three candles.

Ciao, my friends!


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